The Sounds of Silence

I never thought there were really sounds in silence as much as I know there are today. Yesterday I lost my best friend, Mercury.

The house is quiet as I awake this morning, but for some reason I thought I could hear the sound of his flapping ears. When he woke in the morning the first thing he did was shake his head and flap those long ears of his. My alarm clock.

It is eerily foggy this morning on the bay and so quiet but in the distance a dog barks. Unseen it sounds like Mercury. Could it be?

In the silence of the night I will miss the tapping of his nails hitting the floor as he comes in and out of my bedroom checking on me to make sure I am still there and that I am alright.

The sounds of him breathing, snoring, and letting out little yips as he dreams lying on one end of the sofa I am sure will be heard by me.

In the sounds of silence for many days to come, I am sure I will hear my best friend as he makes his way prancing, as he did, over the Rainbow Bridge.

The quiet echoes of your soul will always be forever in the Sounds of Silence.


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