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About kathleen hartman

Artist who paints in watercolor, pastel and oil. Kathleen graduated college with a degree in Fashion and Interior Design, but her true love was always painting. So after many art classes and continued workshop participation she got back to just that. Her inspiration comes from people and nature. "I love painting the figure, and faces. Sometimes all it takes is just a certain look to capture my eye. I am also a great lover of animals, nature (flowers) and the landscape".

The Look of Love – Charlie

This is an oil painting of one of my favorite subjects – pets! I was so inspired by Charlie’s look with eyes full of love! So I guess this would be considered a work of love, the love in a dog’s eyes. A pet portrait.

This sweet dog belongs to my nephew’s family . The dog they all love!  Charlie!E79F6B1C-7136-47FD-9348-701BF98D01F7


Smokey and Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

This watercolor painting is of a pet who recently passed and as they say “crossed over the rainbow bridge.”

A client commissioned me to create this pet portrait for her friend whose dachshund, Smokey, died. She asked me to paint the dog with some reference to the rainbow bridge.

My first thoughts were that I was not sure it was a good idea. I thought putting the rainbow bridge into the painting would only remind her friend about Smokey’s death. However, when doing a commission you really have to go with what your client wants. But, before I was okay with that, I researched the poem “Crossing Over the Rainbow Bridge.” As it turns out it is a beautiful poem and really has a happy ending.

So I proceeded with the painting and added the rainbow and bridge like my client wanted. She loved it. And, in addition, I added a free copy of the poem to go along with the painting. I hope it brings some happiness to her friend.image


This is a pastel pet portrait of Carey’s beloved dog, Jay. He fought long and hard to win his battle, but lost this year. I painted this portrait from two photos that she loved, so she would be able to always have him in view.

It is so hard losing a member of your family. Jay was the light of Carey’s life for a long time and brought her such joy. I hope this reminder of Jay will always bring a smile to her face and many good memories.image
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Farewell note from dog lover

The following was taken from a friend’s farewell note to a dog she loved. I wanted to post it to show just how a dog touches the human soul.

“Today was lost a sweet soul to the angels up above. She was a kind, gentle soul. There was something unique about her, not her first time here on earth…an old soul, a wise soul.

She had an amazing life surrounded by people who loved her. She was a service dog and therapy for those who needed a smile. A cancer survivor.

The bond between her and her owner was unexplainable. They were life partners. The bond was the most beautiful thing anyone could witness, indescribable.

This bond between a human and dog never dies. Sweet angel, you will be missed. You have left paw prints on our hearts and your spirit will remain alive in us. Can’t wait to see your goofy smile again sweet girl. Forever in our hearts.”


Golden-Out of the Shadow

This is my latest dog painting in pastel. I titled it Golden-Out of the Shadow because of the contrast of light and dark, and because of the way the light was hitting on him, but still there was a cast shadow over him. This was a bit difficult to do because it is only on a 5×8 piece of Uart sanded pastel paper. Still I was pleased with the way it turned out!


This is my latest pet portrait of a pit bull named Juice. He is a sweet, quiet and gentle soul. I can see that through his beautiful brown eyes. He cannot hear very well now, but definitely hasn’t lost his sense of smell! If there’s food around he is sure to be there! But then isn’t that most dogs!