3 Dog Night?

I titled this 3 dog night because I was recently commissioned to paint 3 dogs before the Christmas holiday. Just found out that two of them were rescue dogs and the other brought home as a puppy.
As usual I fell in love with these 3 as I was painting them. The first was Sophie, who was rescued from a shelter after giving birth. Somebody adopted the puppies, but left Sophie behind. But luckily for Sophie, an angel came along and helped her find a loving home!
The second dog was Brodie. He was brought home by a child as a puppy and was described to me as a big goofball. I saw him and thought he was rather regal looking. A take charge kind of fellow.
And lastly, but not least, was Bella! Bella was also rescued pregnant. She to me appeared so loving and cuddly and oh, those eyes. She looked calm and so peaceful and grateful to be a part of this trio!
All three were painted as separate portraits. And I was so pleased to be the one who got to paint them! I love painting pet portraits and making the people who gave so much for them HAPPY! By doing this I really hope to be bringing a little joy to the world!
Here they are…Sophie




Addi in Oil

I decided to paint another painting of Addi Teiran, this time in oils. It is only a 9×12, but it is in a beautiful frame and will be a gift to my friendsimageI sometimes like to paint in oils just because it is a different experience and a little more controlled.

Diamond in the Rough

imageDiamond is a rescue dog. I do not know what breed or mix. But she is one beautiful girl. A friend and her husband took her in to their pack (they already have 3 or 4 other dogs). I believe Diamond truly is a diamond in the rough. She has her great days and then not so great, but they are all working it out. Diamond and the other dogs and her new owners.
When I painted this watercolor, I put in a background of diamond shapes to tie in the dog’s name with her portrait.

Addi Teiran (Finished)

This is the completed pastel painting of my friend’s dog, Addi Teiran. She was a beautiful Rottie girl. She has now crossed the rainbow bridge.
She had cancer and had to have her front leg amputated. Even after that she got around well for awhile.
She belonged to a very loving family who over the last 10-15 years have owned a number of Rottweilers. They still own another named Chaos.
This happened to be Addi Teiran’s spot in the sunshine!


Addi Teiran

Talua and Lloyd III

Talua and Lloyd IIII know  I said I would post a picture of the painting of 3 dogs and a cat when it was completed. Well the painting was completed but for some crazy reason I cannot locate the picture I shot of the painting. So instead I am posting a photo of another commissioned painting I painted in watercolor of Talua and Lloyd III.

These two beautiful dogs are service dogs. Talua was the first and next came Lloyd III. The owner of these two beauties wanted them painted with their favorite toy.

I was so happy to do this painting for her! And to share with you all!

3 dogs and a cat

I am currently working on a commissioned painting of 3 different types of dogs and a cat. It has been a challenge so far. Not so much painting the animals, but painting the setting that was requested. I am working it out slowly and it will get done.

I love animals and painting them, but sometimes I get some really different requests for backgrounds. In the process though I am learning a lot, not only about what I am painting but also about myself as an artist.

I do this because it makes me happy to make others happy! And knowing that these were all rescue animals makes me happier!

And when it’s finished I will post it so you can see for yourself.

Been Awhile

Wow, it’s been a really busy season!! Sorry I have not posted anything for awhile, but January, February, and March are busy months for Florida artists! This is snowbird season and a lot of exhibits and art workshops take place while all the traffic is here!

I just finished a one day portrait workshop, a one week pastel/oil painting workshop with Albert Handell, and a two day pastel/oil workshop with Vianna Szabo! And I am exhibiting my art in a number of different venues here.

So now I will start painting regularly again! (Hopefully)
Check back soon to see my posts!