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Farewell note from dog lover

The following was taken from a friend’s farewell note to a dog she loved. I wanted to post it to show just how a dog touches the human soul.

“Today was lost a sweet soul to the angels up above. She was a kind, gentle soul. There was something unique about her, not her first time here on earth…an old soul, a wise soul.

She had an amazing life surrounded by people who loved her. She was a service dog and therapy for those who needed a smile. A cancer survivor.

The bond between her and her owner was unexplainable. They were life partners. The bond was the most beautiful thing anyone could witness, indescribable.

This bond between a human and dog never dies. Sweet angel, you will be missed. You have left paw prints on our hearts and your spirit will remain alive in us. Can’t wait to see your goofy smile again sweet girl. Forever in our hearts.”