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This was a commissioned painting of Indy and Charley. They are the two cutest little pups and live together and love each other. Just too cute! love them!


Golden-Out of the Shadow

This is my latest dog painting in pastel. I titled it Golden-Out of the Shadow because of the contrast of light and dark, and because of the way the light was hitting on him, but still there was a cast shadow over him. This was a bit difficult to do because it is only on a 5×8 piece of Uart sanded pastel paper. Still I was pleased with the way it turned out!


This is my latest pet portrait of a pit bull named Juice. He is a sweet, quiet and gentle soul. I can see that through his beautiful brown eyes. He cannot hear very well now, but definitely hasn’t lost his sense of smell! If there’s food around he is sure to be there! But then isn’t that most dogs!

CeCeCeCe is a foster dog at the moment. Hopefully she will find a loving permanent family. When I saw her photo, I just knew I had to paint this beautiful white bulldog. She’s a looker!


Golden lab/collie mix, Spike

Golden lab/collie mix, Spike

I wanted to post this pastel painting of a friend’s rescue dog that I recently finished and had entered into a Pastels Only juried show. The awards were presented last night and this painting won a Third Place ribbon and prize.

I absolutely loved the photograph and just knew I had to paint this dog. Of course, as an artist I had the ability to change things to create a better design,  which I did. It is a powerful design, with simple shapes and good values. Sometimes more detail detracts from the subject.

But my main focus again was the look this dog had. I just fell in love with him!