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This was a commissioned painting of Indy and Charley. They are the two cutest little pups and live together and love each other. Just too cute! love them!


Golden-Out of the Shadow

This is my latest dog painting in pastel. I titled it Golden-Out of the Shadow because of the contrast of light and dark, and because of the way the light was hitting on him, but still there was a cast shadow over him. This was a bit difficult to do because it is only on a 5×8 piece of Uart sanded pastel paper. Still I was pleased with the way it turned out!

3 Dog Night?

I titled this 3 dog night because I was recently commissioned to paint 3 dogs before the Christmas holiday. Just found out that two of them were rescue dogs and the other brought home as a puppy.
As usual I fell in love with these 3 as I was painting them. The first was Sophie, who was rescued from a shelter after giving birth. Somebody adopted the puppies, but left Sophie behind. But luckily for Sophie, an angel came along and helped her find a loving home!
The second dog was Brodie. He was brought home by a child as a puppy and was described to me as a big goofball. I saw him and thought he was rather regal looking. A take charge kind of fellow.
And lastly, but not least, was Bella! Bella was also rescued pregnant. She to me appeared so loving and cuddly and oh, those eyes. She looked calm and so peaceful and grateful to be a part of this trio!
All three were painted as separate portraits. And I was so pleased to be the one who got to paint them! I love painting pet portraits and making the people who gave so much for them HAPPY! By doing this I really hope to be bringing a little joy to the world!
Here they are…Sophie



3 dogs and a cat

I am currently working on a commissioned painting of 3 different types of dogs and a cat. It has been a challenge so far. Not so much painting the animals, but painting the setting that was requested. I am working it out slowly and it will get done.

I love animals and painting them, but sometimes I get some really different requests for backgrounds. In the process though I am learning a lot, not only about what I am painting but also about myself as an artist.

I do this because it makes me happy to make others happy! And knowing that these were all rescue animals makes me happier!

And when it’s finished I will post it so you can see for yourself.

Better Days

Today is the start of a new year and hopefully the days will get easier as time goes without my sidekick, Mercury!
I mourned his loss, and now am trying to celebrate the wonderful years I had with him. So many memories and wonderful tales to tell.

I try to picture him at his happiest, running free through the woods and fields near our house. And hopefully that will help get me through the days ahead.

Losing a pet is like losing a family member. 12 years of day to day contact and dependence on each other.

So a toast to the New Year and “better days!”

The Sounds of Silence

I never thought there were really sounds in silence as much as I know there are today. Yesterday I lost my best friend, Mercury.

The house is quiet as I awake this morning, but for some reason I thought I could hear the sound of his flapping ears. When he woke in the morning the first thing he did was shake his head and flap those long ears of his. My alarm clock.

It is eerily foggy this morning on the bay and so quiet but in the distance a dog barks. Unseen it sounds like Mercury. Could it be?

In the silence of the night I will miss the tapping of his nails hitting the floor as he comes in and out of my bedroom checking on me to make sure I am still there and that I am alright.

The sounds of him breathing, snoring, and letting out little yips as he dreams lying on one end of the sofa I am sure will be heard by me.

In the sounds of silence for many days to come, I am sure I will hear my best friend as he makes his way prancing, as he did, over the Rainbow Bridge.

The quiet echoes of your soul will always be forever in the Sounds of Silence.