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Addi in Oil

I decided to paint another painting of Addi Teiran, this time in oils. It is only a 9×12, but it is in a beautiful frame and will be a gift to my friendsimageI sometimes like to paint in oils just because it is a different experience and a little more controlled.


A Friends Rottie

Just found out that a dear friend of mine’s Rottie has cancer. So sad. It is a disease that runs in this breed of dogs. The dogs name is Addi and she is such a great dog. It doesn’t seem that they have had her that long.
Finding this out makes me realize how fortunate I am to have my Weimie this many years with no major issues. As I have mentioned before he is going to be 12 years old soon. He’s an old soul now, but I love him just the same. And maybe even more because each day with him is more precious.
Even though my friend has owned many Rotties, I am sure she does not regret one moment she has had with them. Our pets are worth every minute of love they give us. I pray for my friend and her precious Addi that they get through this ordeal. It is hard to lose a member of the family.




This Is a watercolor painting of a dog named Taz. I know if you have a dog, you have seen this look before! The look and pose of this dog says it all. The size of this painting was 16×12.

Taz is part Rottweiler and part German Shepherd and belongs to an artist friend.

Pet Portrait in Remembrance of Breka

This is a watercolor pet portrait of a friend’s Rottweiler, Breka. Breka was her first Rottie. Breka has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I did this portrait as a surprise gift for my friend. She has assured me that it has brought her much joy. My friend is a dog lover and has since had 3-4 other Rotties.